How Often Should a Landlord Inspect Rental Property in Orlando, FL?

How Often Should a Landlord Inspect Rental Property in Orlando, FL?

Have you considered investing in a rental property in Orlando? It's a great market for both tourists and permanent settlers, and it brings many opportunities for landlords.

But what often makes new and seasoned landlords uncomfortable is what state their property will be in! Nothing stresses a landlord more than seeing their property crumbling after a tenant moves in!

To counter this, you should conduct regular rental property inspections. But how often should you consider these inspections for property maintenance?

Here's what you must know:

Rental Property Inspections Must Follow Laws

Before you seek tenants, it's important to understand the laws regarding the landlord-tenant relationship in Florida. There are certain inspection laws you must follow.

For example, you must inform your tenants at least 12 hours before you come in for an inspection. It's best to include a clause in your lease agreement that you have the right to enter for a property inspection.

Property inspections must also occur during a "reasonable time." In Florida, this is defined as being between 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM.

How Often Should You Conduct Rental Property Inspections?

Now let's break down the ideal schedule for conducting rental property inspections. You must first understand the importance of tenant privacy. If you show up each month for an inspection, your tenant might feel uncomfortable.

They might feel their privacy is being breached. As such, they're unlikely to extend their lease. In serious cases, they can sue for harassment.

You should hold one property inspection during the move-in period. You can use this to record the condition of the property. You can hold another inspection during the move-out period. You can then compare if the condition is the same, better, or worse.

It's advisable to hold a rental property inspection during the tenant's stay. For example, you might hold one three months after the move-in inspection.

You can hold another one during the halfway point of the lease agreement. You can also conduct an inspection three months before the move-out inspection.

During the inspections, you can let the tenant know about any property maintenance issues. You can tell them if they're being negligent with the maintenance.

There are also drive-by inspections. This is when you pass by your property and take a cursory glance. If you notice any issues with the property, you can let your tenant know. However, if you have too many drive-by inspections, it can be a breach of tenant privacy.

If you hire a property manager, they can arrange rental property inspections for you. They'll also prepare a schedule of when to conduct inspections.

Look After Your Property

Now you know the importance of rental property inspections for your Orlando investment property.

Before you begin an inspection, make sure it's in compliance with the law. Even if you follow the laws, don't abuse the landlord-tenant relationship. You should never breach your tenant's privacy.

You should conduct at least two inspections before the tenant's stay and at the end of the stay. You can also conduct inspections during the lease agreement.

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