Roles and Responsibilities of an Association Manager

Roles and Responsibilities of an Association Manager

HOA (or association) manager is one of over 1,184,173 administrative jobs in the US. HOA board members, meanwhile, aren't paid, so these positions aren't "jobs" in the traditional sense.

An HOA board works together to assess what their neighborhood needs and makes informed decisions for the best of the community.

The association manager isn't a board member but helps with day-to-day activities in the association and the neighborhood.

A manager's job description may seem strange-they're paid for their work but aren't board members. Why is that; what makes an HOA manager's position unique compared to the board's?

Keep reading and clear up your confusion. We'll explain what an HOA manager is and their responsibilities.

HOA Board Vs. Manager: What's the Difference?

Another way to look at the difference between an HOA board and an association manager is the latter works at the former's behest. As we said earlier, the board makes the big decisions.

The board grants the homeowner's association manager the power to fulfill specific duties. An HOA property manager also guides the board. They also advise members on how to run the community.

You can think of the association manager as an auxiliary position. They offer extra support to help the HOA board run things smoothly.

Association Manager Duties

One specific job the manager has is to oversee contractor services. They obtain construction bids, hire the builders, and manage them. An HOA manager also enforces covenants, conditions, and restrictions.

Covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) are drafted limitations on what homeowners can do on their property. Here are a few things managers may do to enforce these limitations:

  • Perform residency inspections
  • Send violation notices to homeowners
  • Settle disputes between parties involved in CC&R violations
  • Perform follow-ups after inspections and violation notices

An association manager maintains common areas (green areas and pavement). Keeping financial records and budgeting is also within the scope of an HOA property manager.

Here are a few more responsibilities an association manager has:

  • Communicates with residents
    • Tells community about HOA and neighborhood issues promptly
  • Handles communication between HOA management company and the board
  • Manages association records
  • Deals with association loans and insurance

Finding An HOA Manager

Many HOA boards hire managers from an HOA management company. These companies send advisors to help supervise their communities. But you could find a capable association manager in your neighborhood.

The most important quality a manager needs is administrative experience, regardless of where they come from.

Does Your HOA Board Need Assistance?

The HOA board gets the final say in all decisions. The association manager only has as much power as granted by the board. But that doesn't mean the manager's role isn't vital.

An HOA property manager takes on many day-to-day tasks so the board can focus on making decisions for your Orlando, Fl community.

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