Working With Association Managers in Orlando, Florida

Working With Association Managers in Orlando, Florida

Nearly half of Florida's homes are in HOAs, which makes it the most association-heavy state in the country.

If you're part of an Orlando community association, you likely have one of two opinions on it. Either your HOA is one of the rare ones that runs like a well-oiled machine or you're disappointed with HOA living. Every HOA in the country goes as far as its leadership will take it.

When you're not experiencing the perks of HOA living, community association management must be a consideration. Keep reading and we'll explain what to expect when working with association managers so you can decide whether or not it's the right move for your HOA.

They Maintain Communities

One of the biggest perks of hiring an association manager is that they bring existing vendor relationships into the picture. Vendor coordination is an essential aspect of community maintenance, which is important for a myriad of reasons.

A well-maintained community brings a level of comfort and safety to the residents. It also brings greater interest from outside investors, bringing property values up as much as 4% in some communities.

Whether you need a local landscaper to improve the common areas or seasonal stress cleaning, your association manager will have them scheduled and on-call as needed.

They Collect HOA Dues

HOA accounting is crucial to the financial health of the community. All HOA members must pay HOA dues, which are combined to pay for everything the community needs. If you don't have good accounting practices, HOA dues won't go as far as they should and the board will have to raise them.

An HOA management company comes with experienced accountants. These people can handle fee collection, bookkeeping duties, and budget creation to guarantee a brighter financial future for your HOA.

They Govern Communities

Community governance can be tricky for HOA board members. It tends to generate an uncomfortable power dynamic between the board and community members. That said, whenever you have a set of rules governing dozens of homeowners, there will be issues.

What a community manager can do is deal with poor resident behavior. They can promptly issue warnings and penalties when needed to promote better HOA behavior.

They Run Meetings

HOA meetings bring communities together to discuss the big picture in the association. HOA board meetings are more pointed and tackle day-to-day concerns. Both need to be organized and efficient to be effective.

An HOA manager can run such meetings. They'll make sure the larger community is heard. More importantly, however, they can work with your board to enact the community's wishes.

Hire Community Association Management Today

This is just the start of what community association management can provide your Orlando HOA. To experience all of these perks, you need to hire the top association manager in the area, PMI Property Solutions.

As part of the biggest and best property management firm in the country, we offer all of the helpful services mentioned here and then some. Contact us today to talk to a representative about how we can improve your HOA community.